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News Releases

Help Holiday Island Get Affordable Hi-Speed Internet Service  Deadline April 16, 2024!


Over the coming few weeks, Holiday Island, along with the rest of Carroll County, will be participating in a statewide “Broadband Map Challenge Process” which will enable us to challenge “inaccuracies” in the state’s new Broadband Map, created last year to show internet service levels reportedly provided to each of our households and businesses. This information was gathered from internet service providers to assist the state in awarding grants for the buildout of Hi-Speed Internet (Broadband) infrastructure. Thus far we have noticed many inaccuracies on the map, overstating the levels of service we are receiving vs. what we are paying for.

This “Challenge Process” will allow us to have our voices heard by the state as they decide in the very near future what areas of Arkansas will receive a piece of the federal grant money allocated to fund installation and connection of residents to fiber optic cable. This technology, which can deliver, with certainty, the Hi-Speed Internet service we all NEED to have these days for children in school, hospitals & telemedicine, business services, remote work, social connection, children in school, hospitals & telemedicine, business services, remote work, social connection, etc., is crucial to our future!

There was a kick-off meeting Monday evening, April 1, in the Holiday Island Clubhouse Ballroom at 6pm. At this meeting, Rodney and Linda explained the “Challenge” process and demonstrate how YOU can see your specific residence or business, as it is represented on the state’s new Broadband map, and how YOU can help us challenge any inaccuracy in the service the state thinks you are receiving right now. They are also making the process easier for you to use by providing information on the City website that can be downloaded and/or printed, as well as links to the websites where you can go to initiate a challenge to what the state says you are receiving in terms of your internet service and speed.

 Your participation in the Challenge Process for Holiday Island is important. The meeting will not only provide information about the overall process, but one-on-one guidance in showing you how to check the state information on service at your residence or business. If unable to attend, please access information about this effort on our City website:

or call:

Holiday Island Coordinator: Linda Graves, 479-981-9215

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